About Me

I'm a software developer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like making websites and solving problems. I want to use code to move us towards a world in which all information is free and accessible.

I'm currently enrolled in a hands-on software engineering program called Make School, where I'm learning web frameworks, professional skills, data structures, and algorithms. My current passion project is a cross-platform app that uses React Native, Node, and Socket.io to sync a live updating map across multiple mobile and web clients.

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy playing Overwatch, Dungeons and Dragons, and rock climbing.


HTTP Flashcard Website

A flashcard website to help web developer students memorize the most commonly used HTTP status codes.

The user is shown an HTTP status code (e.g., 404, 200, etc.) and given four options to select the correct corresponding meaning from. If the user is logged in, every correct answer will be stored on their account as a point.

Technologies used:

JavaScript Node Express MongoDB Handlebars

Marxist Clickbait Generator

A website that uses a second-order Markov chain to generate Marxist Buzzfeed-style article titles.

The user can click the "generate" button to create a new article title, and can save their favorites. The favorites are currently stored in a SQL database. My next step is to connect the website to the Twitter API, so that the user can Tweet their favorite generated titles!

Technologies used:

Python Flask SQLAlchemy

Activize Mobile App

A cross-platform mobile app to help activists organize safely and efficiently.

The main feature is a live updating map with a Waze-esque method of alerting local activists to points of interest and hazards. This will allow organizers to communicate the location of a police blockade to everyone at a rally within seconds, for street medics to keep participants updated with the location of first aid stations, or to help people navigate to the water fountains and public bathrooms at large events.

Technologies used:

React Native Redux Google Maps API


An educational element generator web game.

This game teaches the user how all the elements in the universe came about, starting from just hydrogen. As the user fuses elements together, simulating the fusion process that happens in the cores of stars, their personal periodic table attached to their account is filled out.

Technologies used:

JavaScript Node Express Handlebars





React and React Native
React Router


MongoDB and Mongoose


Communication and collaboration
Writing clean, well-documented code

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