Alirie Gray

Software Engineer | Writer | San Francisco, CA.

My journey to becoming a developer started in college in Los Angeles, where I majored in physics because I wanted to understand the rules of the universe. During this time, I discovered my love of programming and decided to drop out of college and move to San Francisco to enroll in Make School. There I learned the industry technologies and practices that allowed me to jump into my career as a software engineer.

Current Projects

I'm working on a visual novel called The Sunset Witch using the Ren'Py engine. The story centers around an apprentice witch caught between the worlds of the royal court and the rising class tensions in her city. It features political intrigue, ancient eldritch beings, and swashbuckling adventure of epic proportions.

I've wanted to combine my love of programming and writing for a long time and I'm excited to release this game for free download in 2020.

Technical Skills

  • — Golang
  • — JavaScript
  • — React
  • — Python
  • — Prometheus